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"Desperado", a Free Online Romance Novel by Trinity Moon

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Desperado, an Online Romance Novel by Trinity Moon's American Author Sky Taylor, Chapter 1

The tiny sty of Siesta Villa smelled of tequila and molded horse fodder.

Josie stood glued to her brother's muscular arm, her blue eyes wide and frightened as she watched a trail of large gray rats scamper up and down the faded gold and red velvet drapes.

She had been against the trip to Mexico when the idea had begun as an intermittent spark in her brother's eyes. Even now, she couldn't grasp being here, that Simon had convinced her to accompany him to this godforsaken desolate strip of no man's land.

They had entered the cantina over an hour ago. Business was good for the small, dying village. A handful of smiling senoritas were working tables that were circled with loud, drunken patrons.


They were dirty, like the cantina, and Josie had watched them, and they her. Most were dressed in chaps coated in dust and cotton pants. Most had a red bandana lassoed around their limber necks, the drugging effects of the tequila finally soaking in.

Josie supposed that they must be vaqueros, working the ranches and farms in the sparsely scattered environs of Siesta Villa.

Simon had spoken to all of the young senoritas, futilely attempting to use his Spanish tongue. He knew bits and pieces of the language which he had garnered from a childhood friend. And it was this friend that Simon sought - the reason that he had come to Mexico - to locate Diamond Faregate.

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