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Dandelions & Cattails, a Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

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Dandelions & Cattails, a Short Romance Story by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor - Page 1

The split-rail cedar fence ran for miles on end, bordering the ranch lands of the Blue Ridge Ranch.


Kassi slowly scanned her blue eyes over the desert land she was so unaccustomed to, believing that the suns of summer had been cruel and bitter to the powdered earth.  Fields stood empty, only minuscule tares of hay left to represent the fading remnants from the summer harvest.

Where were the tall cacti?  The gun-toting civilians?  The savage saloons and honkytonks?  The ten-gallon hats - for everyone she had encountered in town had been hatless.  No guns, no hats - only a group of common folks with a noticeable southern drawl.  It was the only assumption she had made about Texas that had been correct.


Being from the lush land of Arkansas, this was the first time she had been out of her environment.  Her Texas-assumptions she realized, were actually quite silly.  In fact, most would assume that an Arkansas native would be boasting a corn-cob pipe, a straw hat, bare feet and rotten teeth.  And of course, she held none of those attributes.

Ruth Kencade captured her attention as she pointed out unfamiliar landmarks through the window glass of the expensive limo she had rented to transport them to the ranch, her wrinkled face looking tense and anxious Kassi decided as her gaze diverted from the scalded scenery to the middle-aged woman.

"Ah - it's so good to almost be back home," Ruth trickled out in a voice that was rather high for an older woman.  "And Bret is going to adore your cooking, dear," she decided, delivering an affectionate pat to Kassi's knee that was concealed by the long, blue cotton sundress.

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