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"THE CUPCAKE FAIRY AT WALLABY CREEK", a Love Story by Sky Taylor at Trinity Moon

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The Cupcake Fairy at Wallaby Creek, a Short Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Set at the Dakota Ranch, in Lullaby, Texas

The icy rain was coming down in sheets, Dakota McGraw narrowing his dark eyes as he strained to see through the pickup truck's windshield. Bolts of lightning shot across the clouded sky, the thunder which followed echoing across the side-meadows.

The storm wasn't fit for man nor beast and he imagined that other ranchers in Texas had been caught unawares as the autumn northern had suddenly blasted over the Red River, threading its way deep-south into Lullaby, Texas - much earlier than anticipated.

Half an hour ago it had been stifling hot. Texas weather - it was as unpredictable as a diamondback rattler.


Last winter Dakota hadn't been keen on investing money in laying caliche on this strip of road, but too many travelers had lost their way, getting stuck in the mud trenches during heavy downpours. However, at this moment he decided that it had been one of the wisest decisions he'd ever made. Otherwise, his truck wheels would currently be embedded in mud to the rims.

He was nearing Wallaby Creek which straddled McGraw Ranch, and he felt anxious to make it home before the even-colder weather moved into the area. Generally, he would have driven across the bridge which led directly to the main ranch house. But due to the heavy downpour, no doubt Wallaby Creek would be swollen beyond its banks, the surge spilling over the bridge leading to the adjacent meadowlands. He'd have to make a detour which would require more time in getting home, but better safe than sorry he quickly reminded himself.

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