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The Crooked Run, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Calliope belted-out the last verse of I’ll Fly Away as the bright yellow compact car kneaded across the country dirt road.

It was summertime in the mountains. Trees were fully leafed-out in copious shades of green and the pond she spied as she crept over the tall mountain was as blue as the fake sapphire ring she‘d purchased for herself last Christmas. She’d never owned a real one.


She was acutely happy here - the new owner of a five-acre hobby farm. Plenty of room for her menagerie of abandoned pets that she had collected over the years; three cats, five guinea pigs, two pot-bellied pigs, four tiny dogs and one very monstrous Saint Bernard.

The house on her hobby farm was eons larger than her two-bedroom country rental house had been. So much room for the animals - for gardening space. She could almost taste those vine-ripened tomatoes.

To think that not so long ago she had been devastated when her former landlord had told her to vacate the premises within ninety-days. Unfortunately, his son and daughter-in-law were victims of the poor economy and he required the house for them.

Calliope had experienced the worst quagmire of her entire life. Jobless - no home. Where oh where could she go with so many animals?

Her quagmire had quickly reverted into pure bliss when one of her patients had purchased her painting for a substantial amount of money - two-hundred and fifty-thousand smackaroos!

Calliope had been flabbergasted over the kind Mister Munster’s offer as well as the painting being the first that she‘d ever sold.

Although she worked as a traveling nurse, painting was her hobby. Her great passion. As were animals. There were times when she considered she had missed her calling as a veterinarian, but such is life.

At the beginning of her career she had treated a barrage of patients of different ages as a traveling nurse in the sparsely populated region, but as time passed the area had grown substantially rendering several new medical treatment centers. At that point her patients had revolved to chiefly seniors.

The ninety-two year old Mister Munster had been one of her favorite patients and she had treated him since the beginning of her career - about ten years now. Such a dear soul. Such a kind spirit.


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