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Coyote Run, a Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor

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Coyote Run, a short online western romance - Page 1

Coyote Run - Can a moment in time change a life time?

Jacqueline stood gazing through the huge bay window at the cattle yard in the clearing.  Three cowboys were mulled together, riding in on magnificent black stallions.

As they dismounted she was able to study them more thoroughly. Hats, jeans, boots, silver spurs - they wore the typical cowboy garb. Of the three, one had claimed preferential attention.  He was taller and more muscular than his companions and appeared to be in charge. Could this be Trent Cannon, she silently pondered, the owner of Coyote Run?


Jacqueline faded into the massive den, her blue eyes fastening onto the two small children playing by the empty fireplace.  Their mother, Sari Longfellow had hired her to piece together the family memoirs jumbled inside of the huge chest in the attic at Coyote Run.  A work area had been established for her benefit which included a large oak desk, overhead lighting and a miniature library which she intended to stock with personal research material.

Sari had vanished into the kitchen, wanting to speak with the housekeeper regarding the evening meal. She had suggested that Jacqueline wait in the den, telling her that the ranch house was a vast structure and she didn't want her getting lost before she had even started the project. Sari had promised a lengthy tour of the house after dinner.

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