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"COWBOY SIESTA", a Free Online Western Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Cowboy Siesta, a Short Love Story - Page 1

His father’s blasted hogsnoring was driving him bats.

Ty Huntington was already restless as things were. His horse ranch was currently running on empty chiefly due to his father’s inability to get along with the long string of therapists that were necessary to his recovery.

He had to wonder if Jay Huntington was simply tired of life – tossing in the towel and figuring it was time to fly over that blessed rainbow in the sky. After all, the stunt he’d pulled that had landed him in this predicament had been reckless.

The situation had been the result of a wild bull penning a rodeo clown in a holding pen after the rider had been bucked quickly off – his hero father jumping from his perch in the crowd, racing into the arena and flying over the palings of the pen. He’d saved both the bull rider and the rodeo clown, but his heroics had cost him dearly as he’d experienced a gorge in the gut and his right leg.


After spending two months in the hospital, his father had spent the next two making it his personal agenda to scare-off each and every therapist who had attempted to get him back on his feet – literally.

The last little lady had exited the house in tears, threatening vengeance. Something about a very large bearded boyfriend, but that hadn’t appeared to have left Jay Huntington quaking in his boots. If anything, the incident had empowered him.

So here he lay – on the sofa, sleeping his life away, not even appearing to care that his childish rants were costing his son both time and money.

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