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Cowboy Elixir, a short love story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Set in the Old West

“Can I have the biggest one?” little six year old Alison asked, eyeing the colorful glass jar of jellybeans.

They were the newest creation introduced to the west and were this week’s top seller at the mercantile. Owner Grace silently made a note to double the next order as she waited on her small customer.

Alison’s father was standing over her, appearing quite interested in the new candy.

“You can have anything that you like, sweetheart,” she told Alison who delivered a large smile in return.

“I wish you were my mama,” she responded and Grace felt a moment of instability.

Fact was, she loved this little girl dearly.

Over the last five years that she’d lived in Bugtussleshe must have threaded a thousand ribbons through the child’s mass of long blond hair which matched her own.

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