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"ROMANCE AT COPPER BREAKS, TEXAS", a Free Online Novel by Romance Author Sky Taylor

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Copper Breaks, Texas - a Free Online Romance Novel by Texas Author Sky Taylor - Page 1


Copper Breaks, Texas contains a wide array of interesting characters and is perhaps my most favorite book that I have written to date. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it - and that it will give you great joy!

The story involves cowboys, ranchers, doctors, lawyers, thieves and cheaters - so there's never a dull moment. My novels tend to be humorous, so at times,you may laugh out loud; other times you may have joyful tears in your eyes. Take note that I adore happy endings!

Many of the characters live on Mimosa Lane and work at the local hospital, although much of the story involves cowboys and the struggles of the characters in the book who seek one basic, essential thing in life: love.

Because the cast of characters is quite extensive, you may wish to review them before reading the story - so that information is provided below.

Take note that I am a writer - and not an editor. I have tried my best to weed-out any errors - but by no means do I claim to be perfect.

If you enjoy this story, please let me know by emailing me at:  I always enjoy hearing from my readers. While this story is copyrighted and cannot be published without this author's written permission, please feel free to share the link with your friends and family.

Sincerely Yours, Sky Taylor


Dr. Harry McBride - Resides on Mimosa Lane. Respected physician at Copper Breaks Memorial Hospital. His life is fixing to change in a very big way...

Tanner Anderson - Owner of the Anderson Horse Ranch. New vet Maddy Morgan is a thorn in his side, but nothing he can't handle. On the other hand - his mother Isabella has unraveled his past, making Tanner rethink his future.....

Bleu Turner - Severely scarred from a fire started by his drunken father Jake when Bleu was a young kid. Works at the Anderson Horse Ranch for Tanner Anderson. The mysteries of Bleu's past will soon be revealed....

Dr. Colt Alexander - Resides on Mimosa Lane. Works at Copper Breaks Hospital in Pediatrics. His wife Vera is hiding a secret that threatens to destroy the life as they know it....

Dr. Elise Breckland - Resides on Mimosa Lane. Married to Stanley Hoppins who is keeping a secret that will change many lives on Mimosa Lane....

Macy Walsh  - Physical therapist with a broken past. She is the mother of  triplets Kitty, Katy & Cal. The love of her life and father of her children, Professor Nathan Walsh, passed before his time. Scammed by attorney Stu Buttermaid, Macy has many regrets. Can she change the present? And will she find answers related to her past, or is she better off not knowing.....

Marv & Betty Morgan - Older couple residing on Mimosa Lane. Betty's into spying on the neighbor while Marv's into Steampunk. They have three daughters: Madeline 'Maddy' Morgan, Penny Morgan, and Coco Morgan.

Madeline 'Maddy' Morgan - Middle daughter of Marv & Betty Morgan. Feisty new vet who is drawn to Bleu Turner. The only secret Maddy has is that she's fallen head-over-hoof in love with the man.....

Penny Morgan - Oldest daughter of Marv & Betty Morgan. Divorced mother of three who is working on obtaining her nursing degree. Penny may be a late bloomer, but someone in Copper Breaks thinks she's worth picking.....

Coco Morgan - Youngest daughter of Marv & Betty Morgan. An up and coming artist but Coco has recently been seeing the image of a certain man on her canvas.....

Gracie Cobblestone - Opened the gourmet bakery in Copper Breaks. Nurse Tabbitha Witherspoon's sister.

Judge Walter Hammer - Married to Doctor Kay Phillips, a plastic surgeon and resident at Copper Breaks Memorial Hospital. Their son Jim works at the Anderson Horse Ranch, his new idol - cowboy and foreman, Bleu Turner. The secret that Walter and Kay are hiding will not only impact Jim, but another as well.....

Chester Yates - Seasoned cowboy who runs head-long into danger. He may be wounded but Chester's no quitter, particularly when it comes to Viv Danes......

Brad Dalton - Notable architect which entails copious amounts of travel. But while the mouse is away, the cat will play......

Chaplain Paul - Dedicated member of Copper Breaks Memorial Hospital for decades. Does he hold secrets that will rock someone's world......

Briar Tucker - Greedy sue-happy rancher. But has he met his match in Bleu Tucker......

Nurse Tabbitha Witherspoon- Nurse at Copper Breaks Memorial Hospital. Married to Frederick Witherspoon, a notable attorney at Donovan's Law Firm. Sister of Gracie Cobblestone. Tabbitha may be a crackin' good nurse, and Frederick - one dilly of an attorney, but together they create a very large gossip vine. Tell a phone. Tell a graph. Tell a Witherspoon.....





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