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CHAMELEON, a Free Romance Love Story by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor


The England vacation was supposed to have relaxed and fortified Cie. However, her sister Paige had other ideas in mind; matchmaking ideas.

 Melrose Castle was the perfect canvass for painting a fairytale romance. Paige and her husband had connections, suitable possibilities for her dear sister, Cie.

But Cie’s fascination quickly becomes centered on Stone Kiley, the owner of the neighboring castle, Ten Oaks. A tragic accident has left him marred, his face left supporting a mysterious half-mask.


Totally undaunted by the mask, Cie allows herself to get closer to this intriguing man, and enters a maze of mixed emotions fueled by love.
The characters in Chameleon are embodied with emotion that spins a tale of a powerful romance from beginning to end. Catch a ride and grab the magic today!    


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