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"BUCK MOON", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Buck Moon, an Online Love Story by American Author Sky Taylor - Page 1

"I'm here on business," seventeen year old Kelly Dawson informed, Hayden McBride gazing into the blue eyes which mirrored her mom's. They were a cornflower-blue, intense and close to iridescent. And quite beautiful, he silently acknowledged, just like her mother's.

Kelly was serious alright, but because he was closely acquainted with the teen it was almost impossible to take her serious.

Kelly lived next door, with her single mother Kate - a successful businesswoman in her own right.


The two had arrived in the town of Seven Hills, Texas about a year ago and Kate had opened 'The Bistro' shortly thereafter. It had been a huge success, featuring the best coffee in the valley, the most delectable pastries and baked goods, and the best meatloaf that Hayden had ever balanced on a fork.

As to the younger member of the family, Kelly  had quickly taken to his son Eric - also seventeen years of age. He and Kelly would graduate together next year, and he suspected that they would eventually tie the knot. If Hayden had his rather's, he'd prefer that they wait a few years - to allow their tender relationship to grow strong.

He was painfully aware of the damage that the shallow roots of a relationship could cause. Other than Eric, he had only painful memories of the short relationship he'd had with his son's mother, innocently entangled in the woman's deceit.

Hayden forced his attention to return to Kelly. Her tiny booted feet were planted beside the paling surrounding the magnificent stallion's stall and he had a good idea of where this conversation was headed.

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