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Brand a Cowboy, a Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

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Brand a Cowboy, A Short Online Romance by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Jenna eyed Buck through the dim light of the four-bent barn, thinking she had heard incorrectly.

"You want your ring back?" she asked for confirmation, quite stunned by the request.  

They'd been going together for over three years now, had even planned to tie the knot one day. That is, as soon as Buck quit dragging his boot heels.

"Please don't make this an issue, Jenna," Buck warned, shoving up his Stetson hat in an attempt to release the pent-up heat.  


It was at least one-hundred and ten outside, Jenna adding a good ten degrees to that.

Obviously, she wasn't going to make this easy for him.  Frankly, he didn't know how to tell a woman that he wanted his freedom - that he wanted to see other women that would better-suit his needs.

It wasn't that he didn't like Jenna - heck, he was very fond of the gal. And there wasn't much to not like about her.  Long blond hair, sky-blue eyes, skin so tan it would make a traveling gypsy jealous, and he could never forget her perfect white smile.  Furthermore, she had the personality of a saint - and he supposed that's what bothered him.

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