Brand a Cowboyİ

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Written by American Author Sky Taylor

Jenna eyed Buck through the dim light of the four-bent barn, thinking she had heard incorrectly.

"You want your ring back?" she asked for confirmation, quite stunned by the request.  

They'd been going together for over three years now, had even planned to tie the knot one day. That is, as soon as Buck quit dragging his boot heels.

"Please don't make this an issue, Jenna," Buck warned, shoving up his Stetson hat in an attempt to release the pent-up heat.  

It was at least one-hundred and ten outside, Jenna adding a good ten degrees to that.

Obviously, she wasn't going to make this easy for him.  Frankly, he didn't know how to tell a woman that he wanted his freedom - that he wanted to see other women that would better-suit his needs.

It wasn't that he didn't like Jenna - heck, he was very fond of the gal. And there wasn't much to not like about her.  Long blond hair, sky-blue eyes, skin so tan it would make a traveling gypsy jealous, and he could never forget her perfect white smile.  Furthermore, she had the personality of a saint - and he supposed that's what bothered him.

It was 1967 for gosh sakes - the beginning of the Modern Day World, but Jenna was content to remain locked in the pit of a pot-bellied stove.

Buck had never enjoyed kissing any woman as much as he had Jenna.  But he was tired of striking out at first base.

At twenty-five, he wanted to at least get to third - and sometimes even hit a home run!  But that wasn't going to happen with Jenna.

After three years of first base hits, their relationship was definitely out, in his opinion.

Jenna had made no bones about wanting to get married - but at twenty-five, Buck felt he still had a lot of wild oats to sow.  He'd hooked up with her just after he'd did his tour in Nam, barely having time to catch his breath.

Even though they both had a place of their own, she'd refused his suggestion of moving in together - which would have put both of them in a more favorable financial spot.

Jerking off the promise ring - which obviously held no meaning for the illustrious Buck, Jenna placed it into his outstretched hand, a knot in her throat.

She loved him with all her heart - had loved him for three years now.  What had it gotten her?  A broken heart - that's what!

Hopping off the barrel of hay, she stood to face him, tears mirroring in her sky-blue eyes.

"Fine.  If you want to see other women, then fine," she told him, shoulders squared, chin quivering.  "But once you've had your fill, don't come crawling back to me, Buck," she went on to warn.

"Jenna, this doesn't mean that we can't date - or that we still can't be friends," he tried to point out, never seeing her so uncooperative.  Generally she was as good as gold, agreeing with most everything he suggested.  Except for moving in with him, he tacked on in thought.

"Just not girlfriend and boyfriend," she mocked, stomping her booted foot in the process against the dirt floor of the barn.


"You know, I've had a lot of interested males over the last three years that I turned away because of you," she decided to share, thinking this was as good a time as any to clean the slate.

"You have?" the announcement news to him.

"Oh yes," she assured, shaking her blond locks in the process.

"You never mentioned anything about this to me, Jenna," Buck pointed out, thinking she was simply injecting a good dose of revenge.

"Why would I want to hurt the man that I love?" she challenged.

Buck felt like a total worm now.  Why couldn't she just shut up and ride home?  If she left now, she would be home before dusk.

He cringed as she continued in a mocking tone, "So now, I suppose we're both free to pursue other more rewarding avenues. I can just give those heartbroken cowboys a call, and you can start searching for your brains."

Buck stood, batting his eyes swiftly at her. He hadn't calculated on Jenna hopping right back into the dating game!  He had thought that she would have been open enough to see his position - to continue to date him while giving them both a well-needed break - as well as giving him some freedom.

"You can't do that!" he told her, deciding that if she wanted to date other men, his relationship with her was over!

Buck was so stunned by his discovery that he stood rooted to the spot locked in complete silence. What was he thinking - brushing Jenna off?  This was the biggest, dumbest mistake of his life - discounting the time he'd purchased that pickup truck that didn't have an air-conditioner.

He just wanted to give her the ring back - tell her it had all been a joke, his not-so-well-thought-out plan backfiring on him. To tell her that he loved her - that the realization had just struck him!



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