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"BLOSSOM PRAIRIE", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Set in the Early 1900’s

Blossom Prairie, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Victoria Mensaun held the emerald gown against her servant Megan McFarland’s small frame, her face twisting into a dissatisfied scowl.

“We have much work to do in order for these garments to properly fit,” she told Megan, obviously unhappy over the situation. “You’re far too scrawny - you need to eat more!” she went on to scold, a pointed index finger supporting a sharp red nail not an inch from Megan’s heart-shaped face.

Megan secretly stumbled with her confusion regarding Victoria’s mysterious directives.


Confusion aside, the Mensauns provided next-to-nothing in the way of nourishment for their servants - which included herself and her younger brother, Sam. They were lucky to survive on what they were given as substance, much less sustain an acceptable healthy weight.

They had worked for the Mensauns for over a decade - shortly following the untimely death of their parents. But to Megan those years had seemed more like one-hundred years.

Victoria’s father, Dane Mensaun was a man of strict direction accompanied with cruel punishment when she or Sam fell short of his expectations.

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