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"BLACK MOON RISING", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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A romantic Victorian style story set in the Old West

Black Moon Rising, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Sophisticate Lady Victoria Threading straightened in the plush chair, its back brocaded with black bears hiding amid forest greenery.

Lillian Austin was sitting juxtapose and thinking how odd the piece of furniture looked in the massive room. It was a bit out of place, just like the crude Lady Victoria herself – only at least the chair was pretty.


Obviously, this hodge-podge item had been purchased by Victoria’s late husband. He had been the outdoorsy type – had been responsible for dragging his wife away from her beloved Mother England some half-century ago.

And from what Lillian had garnered over the years, the woman had never allowed him to forget her displeasure in the matter.

She viewed Victoria as an interesting subject, a bit amazed at the woman’s ability to sit so stiffly in the oddity of a chair as Lillian was certain the sophisticated lady hadn’t possessed a backbone, much less a spine.

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