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The Black Nighty, a Free Online Romance Short Story

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The Black Nighty, a short love story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Shelly fell onto the comforter of the queen-sized bed in a state of shock as she viewed the exquisite black nighty and the tiny velvet box which had accompanied the delivery.  

The tiny black box remained closed, Shelly hesitant to pop it open.


For two long years she had been in love with Chance Tucker, the CEO of one of the most flourishing jewelry chains in the country.  

All this time, she had assumed that he was totally unaware of her existence - now this, a surprise delivery along with a marriage proposal.

Indeed - she was the luckiest lady on the planet!

Inspired by her excitement, a giggle escaped her lips, followed by a honking sound - an unsightly gesture and a gift of heredity. It was the chief reason that she rarely laughed, yet other than this one unsightly characteristic, she was flawless.

Tanned skin, cornflower-blue eyes, sexy long legs, naturally-red lips, light blond hair and an hourglass figure created a beautiful female package, although Shelly didn't have an ounce of vain in her veins.

What had brought Chance to his senses, she silently pondered as she scooped up the tiny velvet box.  Her rather short dresses that had been worn in an effort to garner his attention?  The subtle manner in which she delivered his morning paper and coffee?  Three lumps of sugar and a dash of cream - always hot and always perfect.

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