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The Big Behemoth, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Jake delivered a deep, inward sigh as he gazed at the rusted pile of metal. The big behemoth.

What had he landed himself into this time, he silently mocked as the woman who called herself Aunty continued to spiral out threats based on his change of heart.

No way was he going to throw down good money for this pile of scrap metal - rusty scrap metal at that.

Aunty’s description of the rusty pile of nothingness had certainly been a profound overstatement “52 Pontiac in mint condition only driven a scant 5,034 miles.”  

‘Right’, Jake silently mocked to himself as his attention was thrust off the rusty metal onto rusty old Aunty whose mouth currently resembled a square box.

“Look here, young whippersnapper! You best fork-over the dough and you best quit dilly-dallying OR ELSE!” she threatened, the square box suddenly snapping shut as she jutted-out her chin.

Jake felt verbally slapped and was growing more frustrated with himself for allowing Aunty to manhandle him. Sheesh, she was a rough old thing.

“Aunty, I’m sorry, but I just can’t possibly-”

“Yes you can! You promised such over the phone,” Aunty reminded as the box reopened, Jake deciding that the woman had nothing on Pandora.


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