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Rebel's Choice

She had entered the gates of cowboy netherworld. But a pregnant milk cow, a bovine bull, and her mule-headed sister could not compare to the evil that lurked within neighboring rancher, Rebel Lancer.


An Australian cowboy meets his match.

August Moon

Heroes have always been cowboys.

The Black Nighty

A mix-up triggers romance. click to read this free hot love story

The Princess & the Cowboy

A refined lady encounters a raunchy cowboy on a train ride to Austin. click to read this free hot love story

Sugar Pie

Winner of the pie contest takes the blue ribbon, $500 and a date with the tall, dark and handsome Mayor. click to read this free hot love story

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Scout's Honor - 302 pages

Humorous love story. What do you get when you mix ten scouts, a poor librarian, and her rich matchmaking friend? A recipe for either love or disaster....

That Horse Won't Run - 195 pages

Unfortunate circumstances force Lace to seek shelter with her Uncle Quint, a seasoned cowboy who works at a prominent Texas ranch.  There's one tiny hitch.  The ranch owner, Makenna Jones is very picky when it comes to women taking up permanent residence on his property.  But sly Uncle Quint has a solution.  Lace will pose as his nephew, Larry, a greenhorn cowboy with a yen to learn the ropes as Mak's new errand boy.

The Chimney Sweeper - 13 pages  


Accident-prone Heather gets more than she bargained for during a visit to her grandfather's country home.

The Pool Boy - 13 pages  

Matchmaker Aunt Mamie to the rescue!

Medallion Beach - 32 pages

An Irish love story spun around a mysterious love triangle.

Where the Four Winds Meet - 166 pages

She was drawn back to the present as Leif drawled, "So, it's English you are so concerned about and not the weasel.  Perhaps I have miscalculated-"

"How did Sonny manage to get over here?" she demanded, her white-gold hair a beautiful mass about her angry looking face.  She chose not to argue with this cowboy, rather to toss questions at him.  It was much easier pinning the insect to the board than chasing it through a field of poison ivy she recklessly decided.

He shrugged.  "I believe he rode the mare Uranus - a rather fitting ride for a proctologist wouldn't you agree?"

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