The Gate - (20 pages)  A short touching love story from Trinity Moon.

Quartermaster - (50 pages) Landon drew his dark, thick brows together and finally accepted her extended hand, which she shook vigorously, trying to convey her sincerity.  He warned her, “I wouldn’t pass judgment until you’ve met the children. They are quite a handful.”

The Black Nighty - 9 pages

English Ivy - {16 pages) "Why yes," she managed, batting her eyes swiftly over the handsome male who had rescued her.   

He wasn't overly tall, yet the white Stetson he was wearing made him appear as such.  From what she could glimpse beneath the hat, he had a mop of blond hair which was nowhere near a military cut.  More like an American hippie from the history pages of yesteryear, she went on to decide amid her analysis.

The golden tan, the flashing white teeth and the shadow of a beard soared up Ivy's flared nostrils as she drank in the fresh air mixed with he-man.

Love is Like That - (3 pages) Never say never to love.

Lariat - (40 pages)  An Australian cowboy meets his match.

August Moon - (14 pages) Heroes have always been cowboys.

Sugar Pie - (12 pages) Winner of the pie contest takes the blue ribbon, $500 and a date with the tall, dark and handsome Mayor.

Brand a Cowboy - (19 pages)  "Jenna, this doesn't mean that we can't date - or that we still can't be friends," Buck tried to point out, never seeing her so uncooperative. Generally she was as good as gold, agreeing with most everything he suggested.  Except for moving in with him and the sex factor, he tacked on in thought.

"Just not girlfriend and boyfriend," she mocked, stomping her booted foot in the process against the dirt floor of the barn.

Big Gun, Little Shooter - (25 pages) Ace viewed the buzzards circling over the iron-erected entrance leading to the ranch, 'Double A Ranch' engraved in bold letters within the iron.

How in the devil had things gone so wrong so quickly?

He'd been snookered - his foreman Joe summing the mistake up the situation in one word. Bright, highly intelligent Ace Austin had been snookered.  

The Haunted Lighthouse - (15 pages)  Two reporters spend a night at a haunted lighthouse.

The House on the Hill - (3 pages)  Can romance rescue a chef in a pickle?

August Moon - (14 pages)  Heroes have always been cowboys.

Fire & Ice - 36 pages

Between the Sheets - 25 pages  

Whitecap - 26 pages

Montana Sky - 31 pages

Black Moon Rising - 108 pages

Redemption - 30 pages

White Moon Crossing - 14 pages

Bell Moon - 11 pages

White Winters Moon - 29 pages


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Wicked Fork - Can two chefs equal a recipe for romance?

Ghost Town Bride - After losing both her parents to the fever while traveling the Oregon Trail, Laura is stranded - homeless and penniless in a ghost town...

The Concubine (25 pages)  Kade narrowed his eyes at her through the sunglasses as she attacked again, her mouth so sunburned that it looked like a blow fish.  One that wouldn't shut up.

"I-I can't believe you told them I was your-your concubine!  And-and your accent was horrendous.  I don't see how they managed to swallow your shallow act," she mused incredulously, trying desperately to cope with the lie that Kade had managed only moments ago to the three strangers.  

The Tenderfoot - (31 pages)  - Aunty's outrageous matchmaking techniques drive her love-deprived nephew straight into the arms of a beautiful most-willing blonde.

Night of the Falcon - (221 pages) She squeezed the golden pendant inside of her hand as her mind swept the pages of time…

It had taken months of searching to find him and months more of saving for the long journey to Australia. Shannon held no plans for their meeting. She doubted if he would even recognize her, for she had so drastically changed from the young girl he had unknowingly carved into a woman.

Where the Four Winds Meet - (166 pages)  She was drawn back to the present as Leif drawled, "So, it's English you are so concerned about and not the weasel.  Perhaps I have miscalculated-"

"How did Sonny manage to get over here?" she demanded, her white-gold hair a beautiful mass about her angry looking face. She chose not to argue with this cowboy, rather to toss questions at him.  It was much easier pinning the insect to the board than chasing it through a field of poison ivy she recklessly decided.

He shrugged.  "I believe he rode the mare Uranus - a rather fitting ride for a proctologist wouldn't you agree?"

The Black Magic Rose - (16 pages)  A witch, two children, their single father and a black magic rose come together for a bewitching romantic tale.  

Icy Moon - (17 pages)  Do you believe in love at first sight? Neither did a certain cowboy until he met a lady named Grace....

Never Look Back - (30 pages)  - A Texas rancher expects a male cook but gets a mail order bride instead.

Moonlight Magic - (6 pages)  A short love story from Trinity Moon where there's always time for a little magical romance.  free ebook - free romance ebook - romance book - free online romance ebook - free love story

Pirates Bay - (30 pages)  Hope on board for this seafaring adventure!  

The Hen That Laid the Golden Egg - (16 pages) The lady was beautiful - long sexy legs visible beneath the bright-yellow sundress and long blond hair that was tied back with a ribbon that matched her dress to a tee. "Please don't let this be Ms. Mattie Anderson," Bill silently prayed, knowing in his heart of hearts that this indeed was Ms. Mattie Anderson.  

The Nanny - (47 pages)  A short love story with a twist.  

Cowboy Elixir - (16 pages)  A short love story set in the old west. Can a kindred friendship between two single parents lead to marriage?

The Chimney Sweeper - (13 pages)  Accident-prone Heather gets more than she bargained for during a visit to her grandfather's country home.

Destination Destiny - (11 pages)  - Ben Danner eyed the ominous clouds moving in from the north. No doubt, they were in for some strong winds and a gully-washer. He just hoped he made it home before the bad stuff hit. Only ten more miles…

Kitty Dalworth nudged the ancient clunker along, secretly coaxing it to ‘be good‘. But being seventeen years old and having more than 250,000 miles clocked on the engine, she shouldn’t be expecting much. Just seven more miles to town...  

Rising Moon - (32 pages)  When artist Jay Jones moves into the Victorian Manor, he is ecstatic over entertaining actress Vivian Freeman. But after meeting private chef Kay Weatherstone and her darling daughter Katy who live next door, Jay quickly learns the difference between sugar cookies and lumps of coal....

A full-length, humorous Sky Taylor romance.

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Boomerang - (4 pages) A short love story from Trinity Moon.

The Apple & the Snake - (25 pages) Over-worked snake meets little old granny with a kitty and a beautiful granddaughter named Apple.  

Stop & Smell the Dandelions - (12 pages) Sometimes, obnoxious mothers are good for something.....  

Blossom Prairie - 46 pages

The Shadow Rider - (43 pages) A short love story.  

Moon Over Sea - (14 pages)  A short love story.  

Catamaran - (15 pages)  Dusk....night was imminent, the icy air threaded with the howl of Old Man Winter, the darkness arriving much too swiftly for Andrew's preference.

The Pool Boy - (13 pages)  Matchmaker Aunt Mamie.

Medallion Beach - (32 pages)  An Irish love story spun around a mysterious love triangle.  

Appaloosa - (7 pages)  Sometimes, love is the last to know.....

One Indian Summer - (23 pages) When she turned, Brett's face relaxed.  Indeed, the beautiful hair had a beautiful face he quickly noted.  But she was sure twitchy, looking much like an automated tin soldier now as she cocked her elbow and offered a fragile-looking hand to him. 

Raindance - (87 pages)  She looked as good from the backside as she did from the front-side, Easton silently decided as he followed her along, feeling like a lost puppy dog for some reason.

When he'd first arrived, buying her out had seemed to be a good idea, but this little filly might prove fun to play with.  

Of course, he'd have to work at getting her in the mood.

Nonetheless, he was doubtful that she'd actually stay. Ranching was a hard life.


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