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Arizona Angels, a free online romance novel by Sky Taylor

Arizona Angels - A short love story - Page 1

No amount of money could have been worth it! The five little monsters residing in the back of the van had been sent to torture her, Lynx decided in fitful thought, keeping one eye glued on the urchins through the dusty rearview mirror and the other on the store that Evy and Wren had entered a good hour ago.

"For last minute supplies," Evy had explained before she made Lynx responsible for the small group.

Those had been the first 'actual words' Evy had said to her since they had set out on this God-awful journey three hours back.

The hot Arizona sun pulsated unmercifully onto the mauve-colored van. The girls were miserable, as was Lynx. She didn't belong here - not with these people. They were the upper class, the elite. She was the chosen servant being paid to oversee the herd of small rich girls in the back of the van - the wild devils. Lynx was a nurse, a security blanket in case one was needed.

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