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The Apple & the Snake, A Quick Book Romance by Sky Taylor  - Page 1

Chapter 1

“For gosh sakes! Not again!” Mitch protested from the back seat of the plush limo, thunderstruck by the situation while he and his driver, Morey watched the ancient old lady totter out of her Lincoln to take yet another picture of the valley below.

“Can’t you pass her?” Mitch wanted to know.


Morey gazed at his boss who was roosting in the back seat, inwardly delighted over their quagmire. He’d worked for the workaholic for twenty years and this was the first time that he could recall when Mitch had been forced to do something. And he was so frustrated his butt was eating a hole in the backseat. Yes….totally delighted.

It was about time that he slowed down, he went on to mull as he tossed back to him, “This dirt road is thinner than a strip of bacon, Mr. Fontaine. What do you want me to do? Go under?” he mocked, taking his hand and pointing to the lead-blue Lincoln that blocked the path.

Mitch screwed up his handsome mouth, running a smooth hand through his thick mop of dark hair.

He didn’t like being painted into a corner, and the timing sucked. As one of the nation’s top architects, his time would have been more wisely spent working on the new skyscraper which was destined to be the jewel of Austin, Texas.

“Morey, I’m not pleased that you managed to get us lost in this godforsaken country-"

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