Six Wives & the Devil

Free Online Short Love Story

Written by American Author Sky Taylor

Jason, a rather handsome devil, studied the diamond ring surrounded in black velvet, the idea of marriage not new. Lucky seven - or so he hoped. The other six brides had not worked out - with the longest marriage lasting a little less than a year.

What was wrong with him? Did he have a phobia where women were concerned? Was he so independent that he was difficult to get along with?

To be honest with himself, his short-lived marriages had much more to do with control than anything. He wasn't a controlling person, and he didn't like it when others tried to control him. Zara seemed so different than the others - a bit proud of her own independence. Finally, a woman who didn't see a need to change him into something that he wasn't.

And that's exactly what the other six had tried to accomplish, and they had failed miserably - just like the marriages. They had glimpsed potential, thinking that they could perfect him, but he was nothing more than a mortal man, a man inclined to be cursed with human error.

He popped the lid shut on the box that contained the ring which had cost him six figures, money well spent because he had wanted to give Zara the best that money could buy - not that she had expected such. A simple band of gold would have sufficed for Zara.

A smile dusted his lips as he thought of his true love - his one and only love. Quite plump and soft to the touch, a beautiful smile, bright eyes and large feet. He loved those large tootsies.

He supposed that if an outsider compared her with his six ex-wives, they might find her greatly lacking. However, Jason had learned the hard way that a thin waist, an expensive hair-do and manicured nails didn't make the perfect mate.

As he headed outdoors, he gazed into the bright blue sky. Time for new beginnings and an everlasting love....



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