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White Winters Moon - 29 pages

Bell Moon - 11 pages

Solitary Cowboy - 23 pages

Wild Horses - 43 pages

Ghost Storm - 42 pages

White Moon Crossing - 14 pages

The Cupcake Fairy at Wallaby Creek - 22 pages

Squall Line  - 14 pages

Miracle in the Texas Hill Country  - 10 pages, Christian Romance Story

Hunger Moon  - 14 pages

Razor's Edge  - 69 pages

Kill & Tell  - 47 pages

Redemption  - 30 pages

Moon of the Falling Leaves  - 23 pages

You're the One - 25 pages

Montana Sky - 31 pages

Wooden Hawk - 17 pages

Cowboy Siesta  - 22 pages

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Arizona Angels - 95 pages  

Love is Blonde - 16 pages

The Crooked Run - 25 pages

Rook Takes Queen - 26 pages

Blossom Prairie - 46 pages

Forget-Me-Not - 21 pages  

The Apple & the Snake - 25 pages

Saddle Tramp - 47 pages

Whitecap - 26 pages

Sugar Pie - 12 pages

Quartermaster - 50 pages

Coyote Run - 8 pages

The Sea Gypsy - 26 pages

Brand a Cowboy - 19 pages  

Dandelions & Cattails - 11 pages

One Indian Summer - 23 pages

The Nanny - 47 pages

Forget-Me-Not - 21 pages  

The Jingle Bell Rock 6 pages

Touch of Fire - 12 pages

Ghost Falls - 7 pages

At the Oasis - 7 pages

Bow Wow Pow Wow - 11 pages  

Rebel's Choice - 210 pages

Arizona Angels - 95 pages


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Humorous, Adventurous Free Online Romance Stories Under the Trinity Moon by American Author Sky Taylor

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Romance Stories, Western Love Stories, Christian Romance, Humor, Drama, Thriller & Mystery Romance

Wicked Fork - 22 pages. Can two chefs equal a recipe for romance?

Ghost Town Bride - After losing both her parents to the fever while traveling the Oregon Trail, Laura is stranded - homeless and penniless in a ghost town...  21 pages

Buck Moon - 33 pages. Just in time for summer - my newest love story set in Texas. I hope that you enjoy reading Buck Moon as much as I enjoyed writing it and creating the characters.

Passion in a Bottle -  30 pages. Two seasoned cowboys don't have a clue when an infant is unexpectedly left in their care.

The Love Switch - 57 pages. Nanny Jordan needs a job - Hud needs a nanny, and mutual friend Elaine is the glue that binds.

The Princess & the Cowboy - 9 pages. A refined lady encounters an impossible cowboy on a train ride to Austin.

Love, Tilly - 40 pages. When Sam's twin sister Sara hoodwinks him into hiring a female cook to plan the ranch's annual barbeque, he is resistant until Tilly presents him with her out-of-this world banana cake, as well as opening the pathway to true love....   

Mystic Moon - 104 pages. Our free online western romance novel featuring the Colton family.

The Drifter, a Western Romance - 34 pages. When a renegade attempts to takeover Audrey's farm, her only hope is a drifter - who not only volunteers to protect her and her baby sister, Amy, but suddenly informs Audrey that he intends to make her his bride....  

Three Wishes - 62 pages. Three wishes, one leading to a fairytale ending...

Hijacked by Love - 15 pages. The light suddenly changed and Daisy mashed down on the gas pedal, her blue eyes looking like two fried eggs as she realized too late that the car was in reverse. A loud bang followed as the car continued to push the stranger’s car down the dirt road, Daisy cringing as she looked in her rearview mirror and saw mouth and sunglasses.....


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More Romance & Love Stories at Trinity Moon

Black Moon Rising - 108 pages. A western romance with a Victorian twist.

Dream Catcher - 58 pages. A western love story from Trinity Moon. Dakota's career was ruined when his wife Becky spread rumors to pad her way to a new life abandoning five kids and leaving her ex to fend on his own. Six years later, Nanny Tara arrives to pick up the pieces and reconstruct a family that has been torn apart by the haunting past...   

Man's Best Friend - 54 pages. A comedy romance involving a very wise dog named King who brings two lost souls together.

Cowboy Elixir - 16 pages. A short love story set in the old west. Can a kindred friendship between two single parents lead to marriage?

Desperado - 105 pages. Bride-to-be Josie had been tricked into accompanying her brother on a journey, Simon assuring her that he knew the perfect honeymoon spot.  But that wasn't the extent of Simon's plans as the journey also included a new groom.  

Scout's Honor - 302 pages. What do you get when you mix ten scouts, a poor librarian, and her rich matchmaking friend? A recipe for either love or disaster....

That Horse Won't Run 195 pages. Unfortunate circumstances force Lace to seek shelter with her Uncle Quint, a seasoned cowboy who works at a prominent Texas ranch.  There's one tiny hitch.  The ranch owner, Makenna Jones is very picky when it comes to women taking up permanent residence on his property.  But sly Uncle Quint has a solution.  Lace will pose as his nephew, Larry, a greenhorn cowboy with a yen to learn the ropes as Mak's new errand boy.  


Picture of Sky Taylor, an American Author

Chameleon -72  pages. The England vacation was supposed to have relaxed and fortified Cie. However, her sister Paige had other ideas in mind; matchmaking ideas.

Catch a ride and grab the magic today!    Prelude

At the Oasis -  7 pages. Rance squinted the dark eyes at Jezzy, his ninety-two year old neighbor. There was not a doubt in his mind that she hadn’t swiped his milk cow.  

Kumquats Are People Too - 23 pages. A western comedy romance from Trinity Moon. 

Wildflowers - 45 pages. A Trinity Moon western romance.

Ghost Manor - 59 pages. All-Hallow's Eve - 1 beautiful lady, 2 detectives, 1 suspect, 1 manor inhabited by ghosts......  

Just What the Doctor Ordered - 63 pages. Ride back into the past with this western love story.

Sirocco - 283 pages. A super romance.

Mail Order Bride - 7 pages. A Texas rancher orders a bride.

Sienna Moon - 166 pages. An online romance story by Sky Taylor.

The Big Behemoth - 9 pages. A short love story - there's always time for romance, under the Trinity Moon.  

Jenny Justice - 75 pages. Through the defused lighting of their favorite café they had whittled-down the ten male candidates to a short-list of three, Faith, Hope and Charity each choosing a name from the list as they quickly tried to synchronize their plan before Jenny Justice arrived - their friend in need. Of a husband, that is…  

The Camping Trip - 12 pages. Rowdy campers disrupt a lady and her little dog, Princess, leading to an opportunity for romance.

One Certain Night - 9 pages. A mix-up triggers romance.

Yellow Sky at Dawn - 67 pages. Could the renegade who had claimed her father's life - also claim Chara's heart? 

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